Explanations of Edebex sale statuses

On hold: Edebex is waiting for additional information or documents before processing can be continued. For more information, please contact the customer service.

To submit: You have created a draft invoice to sell, but it was not sent to the platform yet as some information is missing or the payment of the fee is not completed.

Pay fees: We have received your invoice but the fees were not paid. Before our services can start the audit procedure, you must pay the listing and/or service fee for this invoice.

In audit: The invoice is subject to an internal and external audit.

External audit: Your client has not yet responded to the external audit email. Can you please ask your customer to answer our email as soon as possible?

Internal audit: The invoice will need to pass our internal audit.

Listed: The invoice was subject to a positive audit and is listed on the platform.

Sold: Your invoices has been sold!

Financed: Your invoice has been bought by an investor and Edebex has transferred the money to your account.

Unpaid: Your invoice was purchased and the sale price was deposited into your bank account. Your client was informed of the debt transfer.

In claims: Your client was informed of the debt transfer. However, the invoice has come due and remains unpaid despite our repeated follow-up. Your client has made no or partial payment on Edebex’s account. Or they have paid the invoice directly to you, and you did not transfer the amount to Edebex. A claim has been opened with the credit insurer for legal collection of the invoice amount.

Closed: The invoice was closed.

Refused: Your invoice was not accepted for sale on the market platform after audit. This decision is final. You will receive an email with additional information.

Cancelled: The sale of the invoice was canceled on your initiative. The service fee has been refunded.

Early pay-off: Your client has paid the invoice directly to your bank account upon being contacted by Edebex. This intervention by Edebex resulted in an early payment of your invoice. In this case we do not charge a buyer discount and we reduce the service fee to 1%.