How do I have to follow up on my leads?

When you reserve a lead on the platform, it must first be approved by Edebex. If the company meets the conditions and has not been registered on the platform yet, the lead will be converted and can become a seller of invoices.

Leads are kept open for 60 days. If the registration of the company does not happen within this time, you will receive a notification. In this case, you have 7 days to react and to evaluate if further follow-up is needed. Just follow these steps:

1. Click on the button “Manage my leads” that appears in the urgent notifications on top of the homepage.

2. You are redirected to the lead information page. The round symbol in the column “Age (in days)” indicates which leads have exceeded the limit of 60 days.

3. Click on the round symbol to either extend the lifetime of the lead or to delete it. The lifetime of a lead will be extended by 30 days. In both cases, you have to provide a reason for your decision so that the individual case can be investigated by our team.

You find the convertibility rate of your leads as well as the quality of your lead follow-up in the performance section on the homepage.