Explanation of invoice statuses of your client

On hold Edebex is waiting for additional information or documents from your client before processing can be continued.
To submit Your client created a draft invoice to sell, but it was not yet sent to the platform as some information is missing or the fee payment is not completed.
Pay fees We have received the invoice of your client, but the fees were not paid. Before our services can start the audit procedure, your client must pay the listing and/or service fee for this invoice.
In audit The invoice is subject to an internal and external audit.
Internal audit The invoice will need to pass our internal audit.
External audit  The debtor of the invoice has not yet responded to the external audit email. Your client should ask him to answer our email as soon as possible.
Listed The invoice was subject to a positive audit and will be purchased by an investor.
Sold The invoice of your client has been bought by an investor, but Edebex has not yet received the money. The debtor of the invoice was informed of the debt transfer.