When a debtor pays their invoice, do they pay it to the investor’s account or to the Edebex account?

All payments pass through third-party accounts of Edebex which come under the control of the
National Bank of Belgium (NBB). Edebex may receive payments to these accounts as long as the
sums received are immediately paid to the final beneficiaries.

This means that if Edebex was to become bankrupt, these third-party accounts would remain
outside of the bankruptcy and the money held in them would belong entirely to the beneficiaries.

Edebex is a payment institution under Belgian law, with a “European passport” that enables it to
operate in France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Portugal. This approval is supervised by the
NBB and is subject to strict requirements.

The NBB’s list of active licenses can be viewed on its website. Currently, there are only 19 licenses of this type held in Belgium.