Explanation of invoice statuses on Edebex

Underwriting: The invoice is being processed by our services.

For purchase: This invoice was subject to a positive audit and was assigned to you through exclusive allocation. You have 12 hours to purchase the invoice. After 12 hours, the invoice is allocated to another investor.

Transfer cash: You have confirmed that you want to purchase the invoice and the invoice was included in your investment portfolio, but you have not confirmed the payment yet. Please make the payment as soon as possible if this has not happened.

Not due: The invoice has not yet come due. The debtor received notification of the transfer of debt and now has to pay the invoice amount on Edebex’s third party account on the due date.

Due: The invoice has reached the due date.

Due +5 days: The invoice was not paid within 5 days of the due date. Edebex sent a first payment reminder to the debtor and contacted the debtor by telephone.

Due +15 days: The invoice was not paid within 15 days of the due date. Edebex sent a second written notice to the debtor stating that in the future, penalties will be due if the debtor defaults.

Due +25 days: The invoice was not paid on within 25 days of the due date. A registered letter with effective collection of penalties will be sent. If there are no clear signs of intention or payment of amicable settlement, a claim will be opened with the credit insurer and the legal recovery will be activated.

In claims: The invoice has come due and remains unpaid. A claim was opened with the credit insurer, which immediately starts an amicable recovery procedure.

Closed: The invoice is closed.