Explanation of non-convertible reasons of leads

1st invoice refused The lead stopped the collaboration with Edebex due to the refusal of his or her first invoice.
Did not want to be contacted The lead specifically said that he or she did not want to be contacted or his or her email address and/or phone number was not known.
Does not meet the conditions The lead did not fulfill the eligibility criteria that are required to become a seller on the platform.
Fraud suspicion Edebex suspected the lead of being a fraudster.
No response Edebex has already been in touch with the lead, but did not receive any further response despite multiple calls, voice mails and emails sent.
No working capital needs The lead does not have any cash needs for the time being or is only gathering information for potential future needs.
Not contactable The lead did not reply to any emails and phone calls for at least one month.
Not interested The lead specifically said that he or she is not interested in the Edebex solution without giving any further explanation.
Other solution The lead turned towards another solution with a competitor, bank or another investor.
Punctual cash problem solved The lead had a punctual cash problem that he or she managed to solve. Often, these are temporary needs caused by end of a cooperation or the bankruptcy of a client.
Risk dumping The lead tried to sell his bad debts based on insolvent clients or clients with bad payment behaviours.
Too expensive The lead considers the costs for the Edebex solution as too high.
Wrong company The lead communicated all the contact information of his or her client, but Edebex cannot contact the company.
Lead already registered The lead is already registered in the Edebex system. If the lead has the status “Lost”, it can possibly be reopened. You can contact Edebex for more information.